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This world is not meant to be as it is. It is designed to be better. Earth was made by its Creator to be a place of abundance, of joy and peace within the human community and of free-flowing relationship between the Creator and the created.

We all know things should be better.  That 'sense' is wired into us.  The universal human longings for justice, beauty, peace and meaningful relationships are an echo of God's original intentions for the world.  He's left signs of Himself in our deepest longings.  

How do we get back to what God intended?  What will it take to get to a place where there is not only hope, but a pathway for a better world?  God has created the way to reconcile all things - people and creation - back to the way He designed it. That 'way' is through Jesus Christ who is the bridge between us and God.  By following Christ's way not only is our thinking and behaviour transformed but we then can become transforming agents in this world.

However true relational, physical and spiritual abundance is often very difficult for those at the margins of the worlds' societies.

Society in general, and unfortunately often us also as a Christian community, have frequently ignored the needs of the 'others' who are not like us.  Encompass Partnerships' reason for existence is to collaborate with individuals, agencies and churches who have a commitment to go to the edge of society where the transforming presence, power and abundance through Jesus Christ isn’t yet clearly evident. We have a profound belief that no-one is ever to be left out of experiencing the love of God through Jesus.

No one.

Though we possess physical space, fundamentally we are an idea, a movement and a partnering network with one thing in common –our unflinching belief that the Good News of Jesus Christ can and does transform individuals, families, communities and cities. Jesus has a message of hope and freedom that not only brings anyone into a right relationship with our Creator God, but into a right relationship with our world. Jesus isn’t just inside your head & soul. He shows up in your hands. Therefore entering into and living out His truth touches all aspects of life: equity & justice, social structures, culture celebration and reform, economics, personal and corporate behaviour etc. He transforms individuals and societies from the inside-out.

Looking through our site, you will find information about how we operate, about our growing list of partners who are committed to our purpose, and some resource offerings to get you thinking and involved in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people and places within our own cities that are often overlooked by us as followers of Jesus, and also by our broader society.

Encompass is a registered Charity in Canada. Whether as an on-site ministry partner or via prayerful or financial participation with us in this mission, we'd value the opportunity to link arms with you to see His Kingdom come and transform our world. 

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Encompass means: “to circle, enclose, include, envelop, to circumscribe or go round so as to surround closely; as a ring encompasses the finger, an army encompasses a city, a voyage encompasses the world”.

To 'encompass' looks like: Jesus gathering the children around Him; gathering our city under His wings like a hen its’ chicks; stretching out His hands on the cross as a gesture of encompassing all peoples in Him at that moment.  It also looks like a community of His followers on a voyage to the edges of society, with their arms wide open for all and expressing a Gospel that speaks meaning, acceptance, patience, gentleness and hope to all peoples without prejudice.

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